Cords Against Harmony Volume 2

vol2Guess who’s back, back again… cuz I’m slim… shade… oh wait, no I’m not. Well that was may lame attempt at rapping, but this is my lame attempt at a Volume 2 of Cords Against Harmony. See how many people you can offend with these cards, watch their jowls drop as they’re forced to read aloud some of the most disturbing shit to come from my mind… in the last few days.cords

126 Cards: 77 White, 31 Black, 12 Blank White, & 8 Blank Black.

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NOTE: While there are links to purchase the cards on the site, it is important to note that we are NOT actually producing them ourselves. The cards are made “print to order” by Printer Studio Ltd. You should also note that Printer Studio is located in China, and typical delivery time to the United States takes about two weeks from “order” to “delivery”.

Cords Against Harmony is a parody of the popular card game Cards Against Humanity™, and is intended to compliment your existing game. This is not the Cards Against Humanity™ website, their website can be found HERE: go there and buy the game as well as all of its expansions if you haven't already. Cards Against Humanity™ is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC, and has absolutely nothing to do with this site.